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Electric cookers essential in the food industry for preparing and cooking a variety of types of products: to name just a few, from creams, jams, condensed milk, béchamel sauce, meat, mushroom and vegetable sauces. they are extremely versatile machine available in several versions. they come in 1 or 2 fixed speeds or with electronic variator. From the technical viewpoint, these machines are completely built in stainless steel suitable for alimentation.

They make use of the “bain-marie” cooking concept, with a triple-wall tank with hollow space in a diathermic oil bath to meet the EC standards, and are equipped with accident-prevention protections that make their use simple and safe. the central mixing tool is fitted with scrapers on the sides and bottom of the tank to prevent the product from adhering to the walls of the tank. The cooking temperature is controlled by an electronic thermostat that can be integrated with a timer for timing operation of the heating elements and the mixing tool.

Application of the work cycle programmer upon request and the possibility to choose capacities ranging from 30 to 200 l truly complete the machine, thus providing a work tool.